Grace & Grandeur at Merriam Theater

Lincoln Square Apartments is going to be its own community with shopping, grocery stores and, of course, living spaces.

The only thing missing is a stage theater. Luckily, the Kimmel Center is less than a mile north of the apartments and there is always an event happening. From April 5th to April 8th a spectacular performance will be staged at the Merriam Theater on the Kimmel Center campus. Grace & Grandeur is a three-part production that will include Paquita, For Four, and Theme and Variations.

The show starts with Paquita, a ballet that focuses on the dedication and talent of the amazing ballerinas who perform. Paquita is the story of a young gypsy girl who lived in Spain during the occupation of Napoleon’s army. As a baby, she was kidnapped by gypsies and did not know anything about her heritage. Later in life, she saves young French officer Lucien d’Hervilly from assassination by Iñigo, a gypsy chief. She falls in love with Lucien and soon discovers from a medallion she had since she was an infant, that he is her cousin. Being from royal lineage Paquita can marry her cousin, Lucien.

The night is not over with Paquita and the performance is soon followed by For Four. Female ballerinas usually garner a lot of attention during a ballet while the men are overlooked. However, For Four is a ballet focused specifically on the importance and roles of men in ballet. The show concentrates on four different schools of dance – Cuban, Russian, Danish and American in the Balanchine style. Essentially, the importance of men in ballet is highlighted in this show.

Theme and Variations by George Balanchine will end the event. Ballerinas will dance to music by Peter Tchaikovsky that celebrates ballet in Imperial Russia in order to round out the night.

You will fully enjoy this mixed collection of ballets and will want to keep your eyes open for more like it in the future once the Lincoln Square Apartments have opened.