Phillies Opening Day Block Party

Baseball Season’s Greetings! Join the Phillies at the Opening Day Block Party at Citizen’s Bank Park.

There will be a festival from 12 to 3 in the afternoon with tons of things to do to celebrate the 2018 baseball season. Before the game, take a ride on the ferris wheel while listening to Go Go Gadget. The kids can also have fun before the game by going into the funhouse and trying their hand at the Coca-Cola Speed Pitch.  Make sure to stay for the game at 3:05 when the Phillies will be facing against division rival the Miami Marlins.

Your day will begin with Mickey Morandini pumping up the crowd. After the crowd is completely stimulated the Phillies will walk through for the Lead-Off Walk and high five anyone who wants one. The National Anthem will be sung at the Harry Kalas statue by Harry Kalas’s son, Kane. This is a fitting tribute to the late broadcaster who led as the play by play announcer for the Phillies from 1971 until he died in 2009. A new attraction called “The Yard” will also be opened during the festival where children can play “major league baseball” but miniaturized. Doug Pederson and the Super Bowl trophy will also grace the park with their presence. Pederson will prove his sports acuity by throwing the first pitch of the season to Rhys Hoskins.

If you are more of a baseball and sports fan rather than a theater person you are lucky to have found your home at the beautiful Lincoln Square Apartments. With so much to do at the apartment complex sometimes you just need to get out to enjoy the day. Going down to Citizen’s Bank Park is the perfect way to do that, especially since it is so easy to get there from Lincoln Square. Start your baseball season off right by joining in the Opening Day Block Party, you will not be disappointed!