There’s so much going in the City of Brotherly Love in June this year, it’s hard to decide which events you’re going to attend and which ones will have to wait.

One event you definitely don’t want to miss is the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts street fair on June 9th!

The Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts, or PIFA, is a series of events highlighting all different genres of live performance art.  Hosted by The Kimmel Center, the festival is a multi-day affair with scheduled performances, including dance, circus acts, comedy and music,  throughout the city from May 31 – June 10th, with the main event – the street fair – on June 9th.

The PIFA Street Fair is the highlight of South Broad Street each summer.  Broad Street from City Hall to South Street is transformed into a whimsical space to reflect that year’s festival theme.  Food trucks and food tents line the edges of Broad Street while the middle of the street is filled with different exciting stops like a little river and pond for kids to float little boats down, colorful bridges lining the street, and gardens where some of the plants come alive!  There’s even a ferris wheel on Broad Street! If that’s not exciting enough for you, you’ll love the new addition to the fair this year – a zip line down Broad Street! If you’d rather take in some excitement with two feet on the ground, you can visit the virtual reality area and go anywhere in the world.

Lincoln Square is just a couple blocks from all the action!  The fair is just a few blocks up on the same street as the apartment building – so convenient and fun!  There are so many great things about living at Lincoln Square, like the impressive fitness center and outdoor track, and the PIFA event is just one more thing to add to the long list.

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