JNA Institute of Culinary Arts

Philadelphia has become a food destination with many world class chefs opening restaurants around town. Not many people realize, though, that there is a culinary school on South Broad Street.

JNA Institute of Culinary Arts opened in 1988 and has been teaching the tools of the trade ever since.  

With accelerated programs like Associate of Specialized Technology & Restaurant Management, busy individuals who want to learn skills for either front of house or back of house careers can do so without having to wait too long before having accreditations to earn a good job in the industry.  Students can choose between a Culinary Arts focus or a Pastry Arts focus. There are classes like Characteristics of the Food Service Industry, Preparation, The Cooking Process, and Cooking Science.

Another tract JNA Institute of Culinary Arts offers is a diploma in Professional Cooking.  This program also has the option of choosing between Culinary or Pastry, but there are more hours required to obtain the diploma.  It also gives the opportunity for an externship in the food service industry where working hours count toward credit hours.

JNA Institute of Culinary Arts has a restaurant which is open to the public Thursday & Friday, 4:30pm – 8:00pm.  The restaurant is fully staffed by enrolled students and all tips go toward the school’s scholarship fund. The menu changes quarterly so you can make regular visits, but still try new things.  You can make reservations on opentable or by calling the restaurant directly. Residents of Lincoln Square can just walk a few steps out their door to try to delicious food creations of JNA Institute of Culinary Arts.