Blue Corn Lifestyle Fest

By September 2, 2018Lincoln Square

The PECO Energy Multicultural Series has yet another event coming up on the weekend of September 2nd.

Celebrating sustainable living, the Blue Corn Lifestyle: Green and Organic Fest centers around traditional Mexican indigenous customs as well as modern Mexican farmer practices encompassing corn.

Gather your friends at Lincoln Square and go down to Penn’s Landing to savor authentic Mexican foods and take part in their culture.  Everyone is welcome to learn about the importance of sustainable farming and will have the opportunity to see how ancient traditions blend with more contemporary techniques.  

Agricultors, green market owners, restaurant owners, artists, musicians as well as tribal groups come together to share their talents and expertise with the community. The Blue Corn Lifestyle Fest is a completely free event sponsored by the Mexican Cultural Center, Tortilleria San Roman, Circle of Hope, Secretaría De Relaciones Exteriores, Green Mountain Energy, Hello Fresh, Grid Magazine and more. Traditional dancing, music, and food will be available for attendees to enjoy.

Other upcoming PECO Multicultural Series events that you should check out are Brazilian Day on the ninth of September and Mexican Independence Day on the sixteenth of September. Brazilian Independence Day is another event that celebrates all the different aspects of Brazilian culture. Grab a partner and learn to dance the Samba or Forro while listening to Pagode and Samba-Reggae. Performers, artisans, and chefs will be entertaining and offering goods and delicious foods for you to enjoy.

Much like Brazilian Day, Mexican Independence Day the next week will also be a celebration but of the Mexican culture. Mexican rock bands will be headlining. You will be able to purchase traditional arts and crafts, eat food, drink, dance and just have an all around good time. Bring the kids as well! There will be tons of activities to keep them busy at one of the most popular events at Penn’s Landing.